Bar/Bat Mitzvah Concept Videos

When I produce a Bar or Bat Mitzvah video your family has many options to choose from. Some families hire me to videotape the Temple Service and reception. Many other families have me also produce a special video for the candle lighting festivities. These candle lighting videos showcase the child and allow the parents to tell the special story of their family while honoring their son or daughter.

Every event is creatively produced for each different family. We love to come up with fabulous concept videos. We show these productions at the Bar/Bat Mitzvah event and this allows your guests to get to know your child in an enjoyable and entertaining way. This concept production is the one element of the evening that will allow your guests to go home with a fabulous understanding of how special your child is.

Scripting Meeting

I invite Bar or Bat Mitzvah families to my studio to discuss what elements of the day they would like to have videotaped. Through various scripting meetings I will find out the best way to videotape at the Temple and Reception. We work closely with families to produce a concept video that will be one of the showcase features of the evening. Currently I have ten Candle Lighting videos, that have won national awards, that I would love to share with you.

Some families have wonderful ideas on how to produce a concept video to be shown at the event. Many families have us script a special production that will capture in an entertaining way the essence of their child.

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