Wedding at the Wedding

We are proud to be the originators of showing a Video Presentation at your wedding. Since 1998 our Brides and Grooms have loved this part of the evening. We have special editing equipment that allows us to show, at your wedding, a special video of highlights of your wedding day. photographs. We call this the "Wedding at the Wedding."

Our signature piece that has made us famous in the wedding industry is our productions that tell the story of the Bride and Groom. We show these productions during the rehearsal dinner and many times at the Wedding. At your wedding are two different families and many friends from different eras of your life. Since most guests and family only know the bride or the groom we love to produce a video that tells the story of the two of you. These short nine minute videos are raved about when your family and guests get to know the history and love story of the two of you. Many times we add humor to entertain your guests. The highlight of our Wedding at the Wedding production is editing footage of the wedding, the same night as your wedding and showing it back in your video presentation, the night of your wedding.

Fabulous Videos Shown at Your Wedding or Rehearsal

Enjoy the video clips, on this page, that were all produced and shown at some of our fabulous weddings. When you come to our Newton studio we can start the creation of a video that will be shown at your rehearsal or wedding and loved by future generations. Many Bridal couples have great ideas for their Wedding at the Wedding presentations while other couples have us script out everything for them, to make it an easy production.

We Make It Easy

Enjoy the following Wedding at the Weddings and call us to make one for you! We love to work with creative couples so if you have an idea for a video presentation, to show at your wedding, we are open to all of your ideas!

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